Keep Your Chablis Classy While On The Go

FFTW-1It seems these days there’s nothing you can’t repurpose. From iphones charged by old books to nail polished rhinestones, the possibilities appear to be endless. So imagine our excitement when we came across the new Vino2Go™ tumbler. A new adult twist on the sippy cup, it has our lazy Sunday brunches spent on the beach written all over it. This BPA-free durable drink-ware is the perfect way to enjoy your big girl (or boy) beverages but without the fear of unsightly spillage. The perfect gift for anyone, we’d totally add this to our Secret Santa wish list. The popularity of this hip little tumbler has made current supply a bit short, but not to worry…..there should be a whole new stock, filled with new fun colors, arriving by next month. For updates and to see more of these ‘Super Sippy Cups’ head over to Vino2Go™.

*Cover: Vino2Go

2 responses to Keep Your Chablis Classy While On The Go

  1. Entice says:

    lol, this is cute and hilarious at the same time.. I know a few people that would enjoy this as a gift! ;p;

    • diy2emc says:

      I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw it…until I realized how many people I knew who would love one – even me! Heehee!

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