Upcycle With Nail Polish!

29425250815We’ve featured the lovely and yet completely versatile powers of nail polish before and today’s piece adds even more to it’s repertoire. We’ve taken a pair of zebra print earrings and transformed them into a pair of super trendy ear lobe accouterment and we, dear kiddies, want to show you how. Ready to rock out with your polish out? Then Let’s Do The DIY Thang, shall we? Aside from your darling little earrings in need of a little up-cycling, you’ll need nail polish remover (if there’s currently paint your earrings), cotton pads, desired shades of polish, a clear top coat, tweezers and scotch tape.

First, remove the earring hooks then remove the paint (if applicable) with the polish remover and cotton pad. Then cover your piece in scotch tape. As we’ve said before, it’s a random request but there’s nothing better to work out your color combos on than this clear, adhesive little wonder. Your number of shades will vary as much as your little canvas and by painting the scotch tape with your desired color concepts before putting them on said canvas allows you to try out your options before fully committing.

When you’ve worked out your color combos, take thinner pieces to create seamless stripes. Wait until FULLY DRY before moving on to the next color. Obviously the tape will smudge any currently painted line that it’s placed on if still tacky and if its slippin’ and slidin’ all over the place, your second line wont look any better than the smudgy first. Trust us when we say patience is key with this and the reward is 100% worth it. You can layer as many colors and stripes as you want, just let your imagination be your guide….provided your conscience reminds you to be patient.

Once your stripes are placed, your paint is dry and your color combo has blissfully come to life, reattach your earring hooks and VOILA! Fuddy duddy frumpy has now been upcycled into the realm of trendsetting ear lobe decor. A new, completely unique accessory without even leaving your home, having to spend extra cash AND a new found adoration for nail laquer while learning a new skill?  That’s UPcycling at it’s finest, dear kiddies. VIVA LA DIY2EMC VIDA!!!!!


We’ve decided as much as we love this look, we want to take it further so tune in on Thursday to see what we do next with these new polished lovelies!

*Special Thanks to Beatrice L. for the sexy lobes

6 responses to Upcycle With Nail Polish!

    • diy2emc says:

      Thanks so much! The best part is they’re so easy to change and revamp. Just grab some polish remover and BAM! Fresh new canvas to play with 🙂

      • Adam S says:

        Hello again, darlin’! I wrote you a little thank you note for the award. It’s under the “Trophies and Stuff” tab at the top of my page. Check it out, and thanks!

      • diy2emc says:

        Haha! That killer write up just made my week (especially the 40 yr old virgin bit!) Your witty banter constantly inspires me to try and be as funny as I am informative with each post. I don’t always hit the mark but with a bit of guidance through your hilarity, maybe someday I’ll up my current ratio. Sending the most humblest of thank yous – You’re Awesome!

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