Eff The Mess – Rethink Your Kitchen Clutter

When it comes to reorganization, there’s no limit to what you can do. Given our OCD-havin’ selves are obsessed with all things organized, this little topic is where we shine. So make a couple of Virgoans feel better about their silly quirks and take a gander at these clutter-wrangling ideas and how to repurpose them in your home.

Take your pots & pans for a sleigh ride – Sleigh: Etsy / Rope: Amazon / Hooks: Ikea

Make an Under Shelf Rack a Space Saver Cup Storage – Rack: Amazon

Use Wooden Pencil Holders to Store Utensils Vertically – Pencil Holder: Amazon

Hang Your Spices On The Fridge – Containers: IKEA / Magnet Tape: Amazon

Hold Your Spray Bottles High with a Rod – Tension Rod: Amazon

Store Cutting Boards and Cookie Sheets with Tension Rods– Tension Rod: Amazon

Make a Magnetic Strip Your New Knife Holder – Magnetic Wall Mount: IKEA

House Your Lids with the Help Of a Magazine Rack – Magazine Rack: Amazon

Use Mini Baskets to Bundle Fruits and Veggies – Baskets: Amazon

We personally would use this concept to create daily dinner kits. By having a week’s worth of individual daily meal plans all bundled together, it takes the guess work out of what to eat and how to make it. It’s awesome for giving kids their own healthy snack bins too!

Well, there you have it, kiddies….10 ways to rethink your kitchen, it’s contents and how to keep them neat and tidy. Happy Repurposed Organizing and you’re welcome!



*Cover Photo: istockphoto / Sleigh: Meredith.com / Undershelf: Pinterest / Utensils: Pinterest / Spice Fridge: Pinterest / Spray Bottles: Photobucket /  Cutting Boards: Martha Stewart / Knives:Design Sponge / Pot Lids: Houzz / Fridge Bins: Flickr

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