15 Ways To Revamp The Romp Room

When it comes to the 2nd most important room in the house (we think the kitchen is the end all, be all, personally) it is safe to say that cozy is as cozy does. Whether you’re most comfy around color and all things fluffy or work best in muted grays, or strong whites and concrete wrapped walls, at the end of the day….where you lay your head is home. But even the homiest of homes can be in need of a reboot now and then. These fresh new takes on what symbolizes the bedroom are filled with ooh-and-ahh inspiration and even a few ‘would-ya-looky-there’ moments too. So rethink your pillow palace and get ready to be motivated by this bit of repurposed organization and a whole lotta style.

1.) Use old pallets as a base board. 

2.) Or take them to the top as a headboard

3.) Drop it to the floor with a twist on twinkle night lights 

4.) Use an old bench as a footboard for style and organization 

5.) Raise it up with curtain rods as a repurposed four poster bed

6.) Fall asleep surrounded by your favorite books & knick-knacks

7.) Multi-Levels provide multi-function in this new take on a bunk bed

8.) Bringing the dresser in to the frame to save wall space 

9.) Camp in the city by hanging a hammock from the ceiling

10.) Make it a secret hideaway by closeting your bed. 

11.) Save space by turning dressers into a mattress baseboard

12.) No need for a trundle? Store archived music, files and more while you sleep.

13.) Lets get low with a platform pallet piece adorned with candles

14.) Naptime is the best time when sleeping on an expanded porch swing 

15.) Give your poochie a new place to sleep in an old suitcase. 

And there you have it kiddies! From puppies to babies, editors to artisans, even the lucky urbanite camper can take their bedroom and easily revamp with self-expressive style. With all of these options its hard to know where to start but here’s a tip….if you get overwhelmed, just sleep on it. You’ll can always find a world of inspiration in your your dreams.

*Pics: BuzzFeed

2 responses to 15 Ways To Revamp The Romp Room

  1. Adam S says:

    Are these your designs?

    You should check out houzz.com. I use it for work. It’s all home design stuff, very cool!

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