Wedge Me Up Before You Go-Go

Once upon a time, amidst the mid 90’s glitter pop, the platform sneaker was all the rage, especially by Spice Girl fans.  However, if you were seen sporting them, you were either embraced by fellow fans or ostracized by clueless anti-fans, various random haters of “Spice World” and of course, the fashion elite. Translation? Not a good look. Cut to the present day launch of Isabel Marant’s Willow sneaker, which instantly sold out and kicked off the trend that everyone and their mama is now embracing. From Chloe to AldoSteve Madden to ASH, Marc Jacobs to Top Shop and yes, now even Nike has a version.

With a look that’s more Beastie Boys couture than Sporty Spice, it’s a trend this fashionable hiphop head can get down with. They’re also as versatile as ballet flats, perfect for fall but still rock-able when it’s still warm. Try them now with skinny jeans, leather-look leggings and when the temperature begins to rise, with cut offs, jersey minis, floral flowy dresses and even with cuffed boyfriend chino. They’re street chic, comfy cozy and will make our mini stems look long and lean no matter the season – all we could ever ask for in a shoe. So these trainers were made for rockin’ and rock them we shall…doing it and doing it and doing it well.

*Cover: HerGoodieBag / Inset: Instyle

2 responses to Wedge Me Up Before You Go-Go

  1. Entice says:

    I absolutely adore these shoes! Sad to say I haven’t gotten my hand on a pair as yet.. but I will! Just in time for the new year! 🙂

    • diy2emc says:

      I received a pair as a birthday gift and I’ve been wearing them non-stop! Believe it or not, they’re super comfy!

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