Is This USDA Organic Or Just Portlandia Organic?

31865862320Its seems like everyone and their mama is on the ‘O’ train. From food to clothing, advertising and even just simple table conversation, it’s all about the ‘O’ and ‘O’ being Organic. While we love this public embrace of a personal cause, truth be told there’s a few folks slapping an ‘O’ on products that are far from it. But other than visiting the local farm to see for yourself just how organic it really is, do we really have any option other than taking the manufacturers word for it?  The answer is YES thanks to LAPKA, the personal environment monitor. Designed to work with your smart phone, its 4 different sensors give you a fine-tuned picture of the world you live in and ways to improve the healthfulness of your personal space. The organic feature measures nitrates levels on raw food via a tiny probe that determines if the food was produced using synthetic fertilizers or other unsavory chemicals. It can even test your water too! But Lapka is no one trick pony. This nifty little gadget can also catch dangerous radiation levels in your home, spot high EMF Fields due to electronic pollution, and even combines the temperature and humidity levels in your environment to help you create a perfect comfort level. Shaming out faux O’s through modern technology all while making sure we’re breathing cleaner and safer too? Now THAT’s some technology we can feel good about – from farm to fork ; inside and out.

*Cover: Lapka

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