Screen Your Clothes – Not Your Calls

31802248289Sometimes a repurposing idea comes along that’s so simple, so cool and so totally do-able that we can’t help but wonder why didn’t we think of it. Case in point, this amazing DIY hamper made from 2 old framed screens and some crafty thinking. Ready to rock your socks with repurposed goodness? Then Lets Do The DIY Thang, shall we?

First up, you’ll need 2 wooden framed window screens (45” x 30”), 3 26” wood boards, screws, drill, wood glue and 4 casters. Take your 2 framed window screens and cut them into four pieces the same size, its okay if they’re not perfectly matched. Then fashion those four pieces into a box using the wood glue, drill and screws. This is now your hamper box. Take the 3 – 26” wood boards and with the glue, drill and screws assemble a base. Once the base is secured attached it to the bottom of the hamper box with more wood glue and screws. If your top is jaged edged or uneven, then take any remains scrap wood and create a clean line so it’s flush on all sides. Finally, attached the casters on the bottom to make it mobile. There you have it! A new life for those old screens and a cool take on the average hamper. If only it was this easy to screen the telemarketers and that 4 hour weekly call from good ol’ granny.

*Cover: Country Home

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