Be Kind….


No matter how rough the road may get at times, try to remember we all have our own rocky paths to trek. It’s easy to dirty others with the dust we carry from our own personal strife; sometimes it’s inevitable. But who’s to say that because our current path maybe dusty & dirty, we should let it dirty others along the way? Smiling through tears is often impossible but ripping into a stranger because their life seems peachy keen is anything but humane – let alone productive. When days are rough, remember that you’re not alone on the current path of crap, others are too, even if they may not show it. Be Kind, rewind the emotions and maybe see if you can help. Often, just the thought helps to distract you from your current troubles and pulls double duty by doing the same for another. Here in the holiday season, times are often more stressful than merry but remembering we’re all in this together helps to keep it bright.

9 responses to Be Kind….

  1. lucaura says:

    I love this quote, and I can really sense your personal emotions in your writing here…. an awesome post, good luck in your battles!

    • diy2emc says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words! Isn’t this little ditty by Plato a great one? It helps when times are rough to keep it all into perspective. That and my grandmother’s favorite adage: “This too shall pass!” )

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