Chili, Mango And Limes…Oh My!

Anyone who’s ever happened by a bodega, corner market, or a gas station hip to the haps of latin candies knows that Pulparindo is the BOMB. It and dried Chili Mango slices are our road trip staple and although our tummies cant handle the pounds of it we used to eat in one sitting, we can still enjoy the salty-savory-sweet flavors now and again. Ready to see how you can enjoy a delicious candy treat and savor a chilled beverage to boot? Then SHAMMAAAAON!

First you’ll need a blender and then 3/4c Frozen Mango Chunks, 1/2c limoneade*, 1/4 tsp Cayanne Pepper and 1/4 tsp paprika. (*for the limonade, use equal parts of juice a lemon & a lime) Blend all ingredients until it’s a smooth puree. If you dont think your blender is quite capable of making it into puree perfection, no worries. You can always use mango sherbet instead of frozen chunks. Use some lime slices to garnish and POOF! Your childhood corner store snack has now been repurposed into a frosty blend of smoothie goodness. If you feel like putting your “big-girl” pants on with this childhood treat, add some tequila and make it a party! (You’re on your own with that worm, though….)

*Cover: Saratso

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