From Pirate Plank To Princess Pretty

We’ve been doing quite a bit of organizing lately; covering the walls with the fruits of our labor. We decided to take our longer, heavier pieces and give them a home with a bit more edge. Wishing to bring the sea into your home with out all of the sand flys? Then Lets Do The DIY Thang, shall we? First, you’ll need a hammer, our fave adhesive, a small drill, frame hangers, and an assorted collection of knobs. The best thing about using various styles of knobs in one piece, aside from looking insanely cool, is that finding one-off’s often means a seriously discounted price. SCORE! Up next is your perfect piece of distressed wood. We found ours by the sea, but your local junk yard might have a few good pieces to work with. Drill the holes for the knobs, and then coat the threaded edges of the knobs with a thin layer of adhesive. Screw them into the wood and let them dry overnight so that they are completely secure. Then attach your frame hangers and VOILA!!! Your new Pirate Plank is ready to rock your Princess Pretty pieces in all your DIY Glory! Now ARRRRRRn’t you glad you tried this simple DIY2EMC Ditty?

*Cover: Visibly Moved

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