Cord Conundrums – SOLVED!

The most embarrassing part of our office (well one of them anyway) is the heap of cords and the tangled mess they’ve created behind the desks. We’ve tried zip-ties, rubber tubing….hell, even tube socks, to keep our cords organized and yet still end up with the same result: beyond bundled cords, blundered thoughts as to which goes to what, and our daily 20 min break spent trying to figure it all out. But now kiddies, we’ve found the perfect solution and the best part? The supplies needed are more than likely already in your home. Wooohooo! Ready to stop the cord madness? Then Lets Do The DIY Thang, shall we? After you’ve done a quick check around the kitchen for some old bread tabs (we found two under the toaster, alone) you’re bound to find a few to rev your sharpie’s engine and  begin the organization process. A few moments of cord identifying and 6 loaves of bread later, your cords and cables will be found with ease, leaving you with new ways to get your ‘daily break’ in. Since climbing behind the desk for an hour is no longer needed, we suggest the bathroom. Hey, everyone’s gotta go sometime…

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