Cold Weather + Black Leather & 6 Ways to Wear It

All across the country we are experiencing record lows and to put it bluntly…ITS FRIGGING COLD! Staying fashionable while keeping warm can be a bit of a challenge and the common way of the fashion elite is the LEATHER PANT. Day to Night it transitions beautifully and given the price of just one pair, it better.


Most celebrities have stylists to help them get the most out of their investment but the rest of us may need a little help on how to incorporate its versatile look into our wardrobe. So Leather, Pleather, whatever you have…here are a few ideas on how to make their style put in overtime while still keeping your tushy toasty.



Music: St. Ides Heaven (Elliot Smith Cover)

Photos Courtesy of Posh24, StyleBistro, TheBudgetFashionista, BlackLeatherPants, Elle and AintNoMomJeans

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