Dont’ Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle

We are ALL born to shine. How bright and how long is for us to decide and should never be determined by another’s opinion. When you feel like your sparkle is dulling or the twinkle is getting too tough to maintain, remember that even the brightest of stars need a break now and then to recharge. Take time for YOU and stick to it for as long as you need. People’s opinions will vary but will almost always come without solicitation. This life will rock you harder at times than you ever anticipated. Listen to your heart more than the noise of the crowd. Move past the sea of adversity and straight into the land of your opportunity.  Your light is your gift and it’s sparkle, your truth. Let them shine louder and brighter than any doubt or scrutiny you may face and dont let anyone ever dull them. Just as we have no control over how long the stars in the sky may shine, no one has control over the strength of your sparkle but YOU. Own it and let your truth forever shine brightly.

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