WOOD – Fun For Fire, Perfect For Pictures!

When we’d first heard of this idea, we were bewildered to say the least. Using wood as the photo AND frame, to us, was pure repurposing genius but surely it couldn’t be as easy as we’d been told. Boy were we wrong! Ready to see how you can rock a wood block with picture perfection? Then Lets Do The DIY Thang, shall we! 

First up you’ll need the following: block o’ wood, gel medium, paintbrush, photo printed on copy paper with laserjet ink, modpodge (or varnish), a flipper, a washcloth and (to make sure the sticky stuff doesn’t ruin your mani) a pair of disposable gloves. The 3 most important elements to printing your image are:

  1. The cheaper the paper, the better the result.
  2. Laserjet ink is the only way to go. (Inkjet ink is water soluble and therefore won’t transfer to your wood)
  3. Your images, border and all, will be mirrored once transferred onto the wood. So if you don’t want a white border, trim it out of the photo first or if you have text that needs to come out straight, make sure to flip your image accordingly before transferring.

Now, use the paintbrush and gel medium on the photo and affix it to the wood. Then use your flipper to spread the glue around and to smooth out any bubbles trapped in between the image and the wood. Let it sit until it is 100% completely dry. (Muy Importante) Next, take your washcloth, get it soaked and lay it across the entire dried mod podge image for about 5 minutes. This loosens the paper up a bit for easier removal because this will take a little time. Rub with your fingers and/or washcloth until all of the paper pieces are removed. Any wet paper rolls or fuzzy white patches left on will remain forever once varnished so if you dont want them, keep on rubbin’. You’ll probably need to repeat this process about 2 or 3 more times but it’s worth it. Once your block is de-papered and all dry you’re ready to varnish! Grab that mod podge (or varnish if you please) and after about 2 full coats, your block is picture perfect and ready for display.

See? It’s THAT easy! Another reason why we love this repurposing wonder is how versatile it can be. Want a more rustic and textured image? Use textured wood and scrape the photo edge a bit before varnishing. Need more pops of color? Use either a color photo or paint over the image pre-varnish! So the only question now is, ‘How much wood could a single printer cover if your pictures could cover wood?’. The world may never know…….but thanks to this DIY ditty, we can certainly find out!

*Cover: Wholly Kao

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