Have The Courage….

Whether your version of a ‘butt’ is a boat, a new position at work, a new workout class,  a career or just a simple decision start a morning run…..have the courage to make it happen. Making the decision to change your life, especially for the better, is always tough. It often comes with the sacrifices or risk that we’d rather not face but are almost always necessary. Courage is something that we’re all born with but lose (rather quickly) when it’s not exercised.  Almost half of the decisions we make in life, from the mundane to the supremely drastic, are made out of fear.  Think about that…..that means that your life is 50% lived in fear. What else could you accomplish if you just let 10% of it go? How different would your life be if you decided to kick out 25% of your fear? Whether you’re looking for new inspiration or wanting a complete life overhaul, the key to achieving it all is quite simple. Let go of your fears and just have the courage to touch the ‘butt’….

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