Frugal Flip – Zadig Et Voltaire

One of the most incredible moments one can have shopping is the realization that you can remake a coveted piece of couture at a fraction of the cost. Take this  oh-so-swoon-worthy, festively gold patched sweater by Zadig et Voltaire. The original, as gorgeous as it is, packs a whopping $470 price tag. OUCH. Beyond our price range but not our style, we decided to remake this little winter wonder ourselves. Ready to get your holiday couture on without blowing your budget? Then Let’s Do The DIY Thang, shall we?

First, we need a grey sweater canvas. If your closet doesn’t already contain an extra, then your super soft & sexy alternative is waiting for you at Target and will only set you back $18. Now it’s time to remake that subtle yet effective holiday patchwork. Given leather is not only expensive, its an obvious no-no for our vegan readers, we opted to purchase a yard of golden faux – which was a mere $13. Armed with our needle, thread and scissors, it only took 20 mins to recreate our coveted couture sweater and save a whopping $440 in the process. It’s THAT SIMPLE! But wait….there’s more! No need to stop at gold leather….this can be done with any fabric, any sweater in any style. Elbow embellishments not your thing? Take it to the front make a super cool leather breast pocket. Want to channel something more traditional? Opt for red plaid  instead of gold and instantly your sweater’s spot-on trendy. No matter how you patch it, you’re guaranteed to just as smart as your do stylish.  Then it’s time to strut your sexy self about the town with your ‘gahls’ – who will almost certainly be a bit jealous of your frugal flip wit. But no worries, with stylish savings this grand, you’ll have enough scratch left over to cover the first round of cocktails while showing ’em how it’s done!

*Inset: Outside Voice

2 responses to Frugal Flip – Zadig Et Voltaire

  1. diy2emc says:

    So glad you liked it! Please feel free to share your own version as we’d love to see how you take this DIY ditty and make it your own! 🙂

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