Revamping The Classic Pony

Ahhh, the Pony Tail. Our first childhood coiffure staple. It’s quintessentially perfect. Just thinking about my first pony tail brings about bittersweet memories of slicked back sweetness as well as the ripping and pulling my tiny hair strands received in the process. But man was it ever worth it. Thankfully, hairstyles and the methods in which they are achieved have grown since those days and we are beyond thrilled to show you this super sweet yet oh-so-sexy twist on our sensitive head’s arch-nemesis. So Ladies (and stylishly fabio-esque gents) ready to get this revamped pony show started? Then Let’s Do The DIY Thang, shall we?  You’ll need a 1” curling iron, clear ponytail holder,large bobby pins, a comb and hairspray. First use the curling iron to give your hair some texture. Then divide your hair into 4 sections. The first section should be made with a straight line from ear to ear and then placed into a small low ponytail. Then section off the top portion of your head (aka the crown) and pull each of the side sections forward so they’re all separated. For volume and added texture, backcomb the top section, twist it a bit and then pin it to the low ponytail using a bobby pin or two. Tease the the left side section, twist and pin to the ponytail then repeating on the other side section. If you want a more romantic and wispy look, pull a few strands out on the sides or leave as is. Finish with a mid-to-moderate veil of hair spray (whatever your local weather necessitates) and POOF! Parisian Pony Perfection Achieved! Cigarettes, baguettes and love of champagne not included.

*Cover: The Beauty Department

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