Vita-Veta-All Natural Vitamin Waters

The DIY, ALL NATURAL, NO SUGAR ADDED Five Cures For What Ails Ya!

We love us a good drink, alcohol infused or otherwise, especially when it’s also good for us. While we were in love with all things “vitamin water’ but disgusted with the hidden unhealthiness packed inside, we were on the hunt for something better. Inspired by the healthy living of on sexy/sassy health guru, Zain Saraswati Jamal, we decided to give her DIY recipes for vitamin waters a try. What we ended up with was incredible waters bursting with natural favors and all without sugar, artificial colors, chemicals or sweeteners. And the best part? They REALLY WORK! Click HERE for complete recipes on how to make these Fabulous Five Cures but here’s a little bit about each to uh, ‘wet your palette’ . 

First up is Recovery. Filled with Blackberries and Cherries, which aid in replenishing oxygen in the blood, and Pomegranate and Glutamine to help restore and repair muscle tissue damage, it’s the perfect post-workout refresher.

C*Power is all about a little immunity boost and even helps to shed a pound or two in the process. With natural citrus fruits and camu camu powder, this one gives you a boost of anti-viral and anti-inflammatory vitamin C and also helps with weight loss.

We cant tell you how many times we’ve relied on StressLessUsing the hydrating effects of watermelon and the calming properties of rosemary in addition to B vitamins, this flavor calms the mind and and releases stress deliciously.

Digest It is perfect for when the meat and cheese plate from the other night’s dinner has ‘stayed with you’ long enough to now pay your tummy rent. The combination of pineapple’s digestive enzymes, soothing mint, warming ginger, stimulating lemongrass, immunizing lychee and probiotics make this excellent for aiding in digestion while reactivating the colon.

When last night’s BEST. PARTY. EVER. turns into the BIGGEST. HANGOVER. EVER. you need Detox. Ideal for the morning after a night out, this combination will cleanse your body from the inside out. It’s made with hydrating coconut water, fresh cucumber, nutrient rich coconut meat, detoxifying milk thistle and our fave, raspberries & blueberries, both rich in anti-oxidants.

And there you have it! Ways to ditch the commercial sugar waters for a much more delicious DIY option. Simple, quick and inexpensive waters that truly are jam packed with vita-veta-vitamins and double-duty deliciousness, all while being completely healthy. Does it get any sweeter this? We think not.

*Special Thanks to Zain Saraswati Jamal

4 responses to Vita-Veta-All Natural Vitamin Waters

  1. Ohhh these look so yummy! Will definitely be picking some of this stuff up at the new whole foods by my house on payday!! Thanks for the information!! 🙂

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