Hack Your Life In 5 Easy Steps!

“You can do anything, just not everything.” – David Allen

We’ve featured those incredible words before….and supplied a few of our own in the process.  But learning ways to break out of our ‘Do It All – All by Ourselves’ rut can be a bit of a challenge. Thanks to a litte help from Mind Tools and Life Hack, we’ve stumbled upon some amazing tips  to help you (and us!) Hack Your Life!

5 Ways How You Can Do Anything…But Not Everything

1. Single Focus – The Happier Human blog has described human beings as “failure machines”. We are irrationally optimistic. We naively keep setting the same goals and not achieving them. Does this sound familiar? Although I thought the failure machine reference was a bit harsh, there is a point here to be made. Are you consistently attempting too much, or trying to do everything (and achieve everything) now, when this is not humanly possible? Chose your single focus – something that you are passionate about, something that will make a difference to all areas of your life if you were to achieve it…and stick with it.

2. Delete and Dump – Eliminate all the things in your life that are unnecessary. Declutter your house, go room to room removing all the things you no longer need. Stop activities that don’t add value to your life. Do an audit of all the time spent on television, the Internet or any other activity that is not life-enhancing. By creating awareness around how much time you spend on these things you will soon want to get rid of the dead wood. Delete unwanted files and emails from your computer. By doing all of this you will free up time and space to focus your time and attention on your goals, priorities and the important people in your life.

3. Get A Life – Not that you dont already have a lovely one….just in the sense that you should let someone else do the dirty work in life so you can keep your attention on what you do best. The best philosophy in life is to “only do what you can do”. Although we may know we’re capable of doing what we do best while doing our own accounting, cleaning the house, making cupcakes for the whole class and the 7 loads of laundry – ALL AT ONCE – its better to tackle what we do best and let someone else handle the small stuff. It’s often cheaper at times, too, when you compare the cost of YOUR TIME saved versus your TIME SPENT. And a life that spent doing what you do best is always a life of time well spent!  

4. Assert yourself – Say “no” to tasks and work that will overload you. It is always great to do your bit for charity, a community group, or your child’s school but only say “yes” if you have extra time to commit to it. I believe there is a time in all of our lives to do our bit, but maybe now is not your time. If it is not your time don’t feel guilty about turning people down. Explain that in your current circumstances you cannot commit your time or your funds, know in your heart that if you could, you would, and then let it go. In the future, when you can, you will so let the thought be enough for now and move on.

5. Believe you Can – I have been doing some work recently with young women who have zero self-belief. I believe that have been raised in a negative world where not being able to do something has become the norm in their lives. They are so conditioned to fail that they won’t even try. It’s a difficult job, but little by little with encouragement, support and positive reinforcement, their “I can’t” will change to “I will try” and eventually to “I can”. Positivity can be thought, optimism introduced and self belief nurtured.

Now that you’re hip to these 5 lovely & simple steps, then hop on over to Mind Tool’s  Wheel of Life. Sometimes  even the simplest of steps can be overwhelming but looking at them from a different point of view can often help. The Wheel of Life uses the approach of a helicopter; that is….viewing from above. Commonly used by professional life coaches, The Wheel of Life helps you consider each area of your life in turn and assess what’s off balance. And so, it helps you identify areas that need more attention. With the ability to create your OWN personalized Wheel of Life, this little ditty is one part motivation, 2 parts inspiration and a whole lotta structure wrapped into one powerful circle geared on helping YOU live the best life possible and believing whole-heartedly that you deserve it.

For when it comes down to it, we all know that David Allen’s words are true. You really can do anything in this world — but only if you believe you can.

*Special Thanks to  Mind Tools and Life Hack

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