Get X-Ray Vision with Hugh Turvey

What started out at a small favor for friend turned into an entirely new collection for famed photographer / designer / art director, Hugh Turvey. Needing an image for an album cover, Turvey’s task was simple – photograph a skull via X-ray.  What happens next is the launching of Turvey’s new career as well as a new perspective on everyday objects.Now 41, Turvey has long been fascinated with getting underneath the surface of things. He said: “I’m driven by my curiosity. It’s about discovering the world around us. As a kid I would take things apart to see what was inside and how they worked. I have an insane curiosity for how things work. X-ray gives me a way to get that insight and turn it into art”. Trained under Gered Mankowitz, famous rock photographer, Turvey’s work has been influenced by constructivism influence of Alexander Rodchenko, the innovative high speed and stroboscopic photographic studies by Dr Harold E Edgerton and subsequently sought further advice from the head of radiology at the Royal Free Hospital in London. His pieces highlight the parallels between x-ray technology and shadow photography; defining the term Rayogram – where the object’s shadow is not only exterior, but also interior, depicting it’s inner structure and density. Given the search ‘inside’ his subjects produces imagery as captivating as it is cool, his photographs serve as proof that beauty truly is more than skin deep.

*All Images From Gustoimages

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