Frugal Flip – Black & Tan Bliss

Now that the ghosts and ghouls of Halloween are gone, it’s time to shift our focus to all of the holiday soirees bound to come our way. With a myriad of parties, dinners, year-end client meetings and more, staying warm while staying in fashion doesn’t have to be a challenge. Above we have a wicked Polyvore style board featuring day to night  ensemble that’s as powerfully sexy as it is stylish. However, it’s also a bit too pricey for our working girl budget. But how to channel your inner style maven without spending all of your heating bill funds? No to worries, frugal fashionista’s….DIY2EMC to the style rescue!

Cue the slimming black leather legging trend we featured in Frugal Flip from last month; a style trend that shows no signs of slowing. Since we know we can swap the whopping $2,215 price tag of those Jay Ahr leather leggings for our more affordable Yes Style faves, lets move on to those incredible cool booties. Although we love us some Giuseppe Zanotti style, we loathe their $785 price tag. Instead, we opted for these Franco Sarto numbers that are just as fly yet 1/13 of the cost of their style counterpart. Now on to that sexy shell by Phillip Lim. At $250 it can stay sitting sweetly on the rack – we’ve found a lovely Karen Kane piece costs much less but adds more tummy coverage for when we’ve have one two many passed apps at the party. Frugal and Functional….just the way we LOVE it! The jacket was just as easy to revamp since Phillip Lim was 2 for 2 in his costly cuts. Although we appreciate a 50% sale as much as the next gal, $300+ is still a car note to us so we snagged this versatile piece from Tobi for only $50.  Just in case you dont already have this beautiful Free People necklace or the uber-trendy Balenciaga bag currently in your closet and just spent the $280 + $495 to snag them, click on over to Vince Camuto  and pick up both items for less than $150 total. And there you have it! Sophisticated style to take you through the year’s end and still enough money in the bank to celebrate on your own dime. A closet full of drool worthy fashion yet still staying financially independent? That’s Frugal Fashionista personified!

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