Got My Vans On But They Look Like Louboutins

It’s officially fall and we’ve been trying to find ways to make all of our time spent indoors a bit more productive. When scouring the interweb took its eye-straining toll, we opted for a bit of fashionably late ‘Spring Cleaning’ of our shoe collection. Inspired by the OH-SO-KEWL-but-light-years-from-our-price-range Loubies we stumbled upon online, even at 30% off we decided to take an old scruffy pair of kicks and make them affordably fabulous. Care to know how? We thought you’d never ask….so Lets Do The DIY Thang, shall we! First up, you’ll need your sacrificial Vans, or whatever canvas sneaker you have around that needs a lil sprucin’. (If you’d prefer to keep your kicks scruffy, you can purchase a new inexpensive sacrificial pair here.) Then  it’s off to grab your 150-200 brass cone spikes, the MUTHA of all adhesives, popsicle sticks or small disposable lid that’s waiting to be recycled and a few toothpicks. Squeeze a small amount of adhesive onto the lid or popsicle stick. (TIP: Little goops at a time keep the glue from drying too fast) With the toothpick tip, apply a small dollop of glue onto the back of a spike, press the spike onto the sneaker and hold in place for a few seconds. Continue adding spikes along the shoe’s baseline and working upwards in horizontal lines. Have an awkward space or two? (honestly, who doesn’t?) Arrange the spikes, without glue, into awkward spaces before attaching them. Once your new-old kicks have the desired amount of FAB added, allow them to dry overnight. With all that dough you saved, you can keep the air on blast while pump this little ditty and go rock your ‘new’ kicks with a skip and smile.

*Cover: Honestly, WTF

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