Love You Some You…ALL OF YOU.

Whether you’re tall and skinny, short and curvy, round and proud or somewhere in between…..never EVER let anyone make you feel anything less than completely perfect. That includes YOU, too. Sometimes we get so caught up in our own skewed perceptions of ourselves – focused more on what we think we see in the mirror as opposed to what shines from our hearts – that we flog ourselves more than any enemy ever could or would.

You’re perfect as long as you’re staying true to yourself. So what if your daily muffin top comes from last season’s jeans rather than Starbucks.  That nose you obsess over is a piece of your heritage that no profile could ever replicate. Who cares that your arms giggle a long after you’ve stopped waving them. Got your grandma’s infamous ‘shelf-like booty’? Rock it with pride. You know she did in her heyday.  And trust me, no one noticed the five extra pounds gained in last weekend’s GNO at the new Italian spot up the street. It was worth each delicious bite & scrumptious sip and you’ve got the smile inducing memories to prove it.

What is noticed is when you’re unhappy. Lack of confidence is unappealing and lets face it, no one looks like a supermodel in a magazine…..not even the model in the very picture you idolize. When you learn to love yourself – body and soul – your entire world begins to change. You learn to respect yourself and make better choices for YOU. Maybe they’re healthier choices made this time without guilt or regret. Or maybe not because the holidays are filled with sweet & savory nostalgia. Indulge, enjoy every morsel and then keep it movin’. Not because you feel you have to be perfect but because you love yourself enough to know you already are. Bottom line: Happiness is happening, Confidence is sexiest accessory of all and once you find that killer combo you’ll be a force to be reckoned with. Then watch as the beck and calls start to come like crazy.

Remember: No matter how much another is taller/prettier/thinner than you, they’ll NEVER be as perfect and confident as YOU. So stop sizing yourself up to others and learn to love you some you – in all your sexified glory. You’ve got nothing to lose and an entire lifetime of healthy happiness and loving adoration to gain. TRUE STORY.

*Cover: Pinterest 

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