Moonshine & Mood Shine…Why We ❤ Mason Jars

There is literally nothing that you can’t do with a mason jar. Everything from storing food and knick-knacks galore to using them for drinking glasses, vases and more. (hey, that rhymes!) Speaking of MORE, today we’re featuring via Mason Jar Uses #156 – DIY LAMPS. So grab you some mason’s kiddies and Let’s Do The DIY Thang! First up, we are many things but an electrician aint one. So this posting will be catering to non-electrical geniuses like us. (For those who have the proper skills or delight in taking the possible yet very real risk of electrocuting themselves, click here.The rest of you will need 6 mason jarslight sockets, a hammer, nails and pliers. Your versatile masons can be personalized by decoupaging the inside with lace or sheer fabric, you could hand paint them or leave them as-is in all their natural glory. Then put on this. Now use the hammer and nails to make hold in the tops of each jar and the pliers should you need to widen them to fit the cords through. Then remove the lids and insert a section of the lighting fixture through the lid and into the jar, using the detachable ring on the inside of the lid to hold it in place. Repeat on the remaining 5 mason jars & fixtures. TA-DA!!!! You’ve got yourself a mason jar chandelier! How you hang your DIY masterpiece is as up to you as how you decorate your masons but if you want it displayed with the existing wiring in your ceiling it’s best to have an electrician install it professionally. We’re all for basking in your hard earned DIY glory but we’re also into living to DIY another day. That way you get to hear sweet things like this.

Think this one’s a bit more trouble than it’s worth? No worries! You can purchase any of these amazing chandeliers you see above here.

*Special Thanks to Boots&Guns

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