For The ❤ Of Crayons

When I was little, I was amazed by just how much could be done with a simple stick of colored wax. I’d make all of my imaginary worlds come to life, leave ‘hiya!’ notes for my mom and friends and sometimes, when I was too young to know better, it came in handy as an afternoon snack. I’ve since stopped the enjoying the culinary cuisine of Crayons but not my recreational love for them. So imagine my joy when discovering this! Whether your little one’s latest box of 64 is down to the nubs or you’ve decided to purchase a brand spankin new box for the kid at heart, Lets Do The DIY Thang! You’ll need to grab yourself a hair dryer, canvas, glue gun & sticks. Glue the crayons in a row at the top of the canvas and let them set for at least 10mins. (This makes sure they are all cool and stuck for good…dont want a random crayon making a run for it). Then use the hair dryer on it’s highest heat setting to blow over the crayons, starting from left to right. Once the crayons start to heat up, they become shiny and the wax begins to melt. The longer you hold the heat to the wax, the faster it melts. Mix it up by making a monogram, adding decoupage’d pieces below the drips or even a bit of spray glitter to make it fancy. No matter how you do it….Voila! You have you new fun & crafty project that creates an original piece of DIY art.

* Cover: Ette Studios

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