Footloose Flats & Commitment Free!

Unless you’ve been under a rock all spring, you know NEON is all the rage for this summer and into fall. Whether its through a full on bright body-con dress, a color-blocked & neutral beach tote, or a simple striped tee, NEON is Where Its At. Not the commitment type when it comes to all things bright? No worries! There’s no easier (and cheaper) way to try a fresh pop of color in your wardrobe then through footwear and this little DIY ditty is not only easily interchangeable but also completely removable! So put your color commitment fears aside and Lets Do The DIY Thang!  After a quick closet scour-sesh for those ‘dated’ flats that you still adore, grab some scissors, Velcro squares, and your choice of neon ribbon strips. Wrap a piece of the ribbon ‘round your ankle about 2.5 times and cut the ends at an angle. Place the scratchy side of the velcro tabs on the outside end of the ribbon and the velcro’s soft side inside your show by the bridge of your foot. Connect the velcro ribbon ends to the velcro ends in the shoe, loop ‘round your ankle and attach on the other side. Repeat these steps on the other shoe/foot and VOILA! You’ve transformed your ho-hum flats into a spot on trend-fest bound to make even the saddest of toes turn into HAPPY FEET! And once the warm weather begins to fade, you can grab that neon ribbon and store it for another day or better yet, rock it as a headband and truly make it an Endless Summer.

*Cover: I SPY DIY

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