Dahlia Lovin’ – All Year Round

As we’ve said before, there’s something about Dahlias. Whether it’s their historic beginning in Mexico as a food source as well as ceremonial decor, their ability to bloom in a myriad of colors, or their incredible shapes that look as busy as they do uniform, Dahlias are hands-down one of our faves. However, growing them and keeping them looking light and lively (or just simply alive, for that matter) is no easy feat. So how do you get the gorgeous look of these ancient spanish delights all year round? The answer, dear kiddies, is no further than the paper of an old book. Wanna learn how to turn the pages that time forgot into eye-popping wall art? Then Lets Do The DIY Thang, shall we? First, you’ll need some supplies: An old book that won’t destroy you to deface (harder than you’d think), Glue Gun & Sticks, X-acto Knife, Double Stick Tape, Hanging Accessories and we used a heat trivet from Ikea as the base, but you can use anything heat resistant.

To begin, slice your pages as close as possible to the spine of the book. Then roll them up into a cone shape, leaving a page corner poking out at the top. (This is your ‘petal’.) Affix the small end of the cone to the trivet with the glue gun and continue all the way around until the first row is set. (TIP: It’s best to start each row with the 4 corners approach first, meaning one at North, South, East and West. This helps guarantee symmetry, leaving you with a perfect circle rather than an egg shape)

Continue to bring the rows inward until the outer edges of the trivet is covered. You’ll notice a tapering effect on the edges, recreating the stunning look of the dahlia. Once you get to the center, begin to trim the shorter end of the cones and continue as before. To fill in the center, simply cut the remaning pages into a small square and fold the sides in so you have a corner to see and a corner to glue down.  When it’s all said and done it should look something like this.

We finished with a quick wave or two of gold glitter spray for a hint of glint but this ode to the Dahlia is completely customizable. Want more “petals”, roll the cones tighter and place closer together. Love a pop of color? Use colored paper, or for those eager beavers like us, dip the ‘petal edge’ of the cones in watered down food coloring and let dry before gluing. Need a different shape? Use a different base like a square cut or triange….maybe even a heart? Either way you do it, this dahlia will shine day in and day out, no matter the climate or keeper. Now that’s one wallflower we’d gladly drive home, even with one headlight.

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