See, Flip, Love…With Threadflip

FFBecause we spend our days re-purposing items we already have, it is a common misconception that we are opposed to indulging in new pieces now and then. (In fact, we prefer more ‘now’ than ‘then’) Our passion for fashion is one that we embrace whole-heartedly but sometimes the monthly budget doesn’t allow for a brand new splurge and we’ve got to bring our frugal prowess into the mix. When that itch needs a scratch we hop over to our new favorite site: THREADFLIP – A social marketplace for buying, selling, and discovering new, unique and pre-loved fashion and accessories. Flip your oh-so-loved yet never-really-worn items for classic vintage goodies, a new-to-you couture statement piece, delicious handbags, stunning shoes and more – ALL at seriously discounted prices. Dislike sifting through looks that are just not ‘you’? (Or worse, fall in love with something half your size?) With Threadflip, as you set up your easy-peasy user profile, you create unique filters so that you only see items in your size, favorite colors, desired fit, and style. Each time you log on, it gets a bit more familiar with who you are and your interests, creating a more curated experience. Ready to purchase that swoon-worthy Chloe bag at 75% off? It’s easy when shipping is already covered! Eager to take the leap into virtual consignment but clueless about to list & send? With their end-to-end shipping solution, as soon as your list item sells, Threadflip sends you a prepaid shipping care package, including an addressed pre-paid shipping label and wrapping materials. As if it couldn’t get any simpler, they even offer their signature “White Glove Service” – send them your favorite pre-loved pieces and they’ll photograph, price and merchandise them FOR YOU. Seriously?!? We don’t know why it took so long to bring the world of consignment (one of our favorite shopping outlets) into the virtual one but thank goodness this amazing site is the benchmark. We “heart” Threadflip and after a few fabulous flips of your own, we think you will too.

*Photo: Threadflip

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