Dent-Less Ouch-Less DIY Hair Ties

BeautyBlissThursday-1We are OBSESSED with new elastic hair ties that are taking the world by storm. The high price for what you get, however, not so much. ($12 for 3? Seriously?) So we decided to we can make this dent-less ouch-less wonders ourselves and of course, better through repurposing too. Ready to make your own and give those high-priced ties the boot? Then Lets Do The DIY Thang, shall we?

First up you’ll need to grab you some FOE. No we dont mean your frenemy from high we mean Fold Over Elastics. That’s what sets these awesome ties apart from the other ties around and you can find more FOE than you could imagine here. Once you’ve acquired your favorite colors by the yard, take a pair of scissors and cut stripes in 9.5 inches in length. Fold in half and tie the two ends together. Its seriously THAT EASY. On average you can make 4 hair ties per yard so you (and your friends) can have every color under the sun and on the super chic cheap. Too simple for you? Tie them in a bow rather than a knot or combine a metallic with a neon for some extra pop. Still not ‘next level’ enough for you, ya cheeky minx? Take your new ties to a whole other level as bracelets by stacking them as is, adding a jewel or a charm or maybe even put a bird on it! On the off chance you’re not a Portlandia fan, the previous sentence can be explained HERE. For those in the know, we made our own art HERE. ENJOY!

UPDATE: I’ve noticed that with all of these hair ties – regardless of boutique brand or expertly crafted DIY – some of the fabrics can allow the knot to eventually slip out. To help keep that knot perfectly tied, take a the same color as the fabric the tie and tack it down with a few cross-through stitches. If you want a more vibrant look, use contrasting thread (maybe neon? oxblood? mint? evergreen?) and make the stitches bolder and thicker. Voila, the only double accessory that looks as good on your wrist as it does in your hair!      

*Photo – MyKitch

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