Sweet Valley Hell – Oh how I love thee….

It’s amazing at how quickly the places where we grew up or the things we loved while being there become more of a distant memory than a familiar reality. I’m in my hometown, and I do mean town. Picture this – not quite Footloose, not quite 8 seconds…definitely Friday Night Lights. It’s where I went to jr high, high school and my first year of college. Needless to say I knew it pretty well.
Living away from home makes you appreciate it more and more as the years go by. All of the things you once hated you now begin to love. The things your found quaint or possibly annoying you now relish at any opportunity. Which makes it even more shocking when it begins to change because you were just starting to really enjoy the way it was. It starts out slow at first, with the changes becoming more like a slight ‘upgrade’ than extreme makeover. Then, within a matter of months and thanks to a few missed trips back home, and WHAM! – it’s a whole new place.

Although I was born in a different part of Texas, we soon moved to a small town where there was less crime, lesser traffic and no escaping. It was a great place to grow up and my sister, who’s had the same friends there since she was 2, will agree with me wholeheartedly. Not that I necessarily liked living in the middle of “BFE” & “The Sticks” growing up, especially since the most exciting thing that happened at that time was the Grand Opening of Walmart. Seriously…..the entire town shut down and the high school band got to play hookie for the day to be the grand entertainment for the ribbon cutting, complete with twirlers, dancers, cheerleaders and I’m pretty sure even the Math Club. Grand Opening, indeed.
That and high school, for me atleast, was more like a Mean Girls sick joke than the Sweet Valley High Experience I was expecting. I highly doubt that Jessica & Elizabeth Wakefield EVER had to clean up their own yard after someone else egged & wrapped it. Good thing I was grounded….I had plenty of time to clean away. But I digress….
So whether you’re like me and miss the simplicity now that you never appreciated then or never really left because you “got it” from the start, I guess it’s true what they say…..
There really is no place like home.

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