The Silent Killer showcased this month….

This is a brief reprise of the posting from September 2009 (but condensed, of course) because until there’s a cure,  or more awareness about prevention, I’ll NEVER stop trying to push this into the face of every woman I know…
..and yes, hopefully even some I don’t.
September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and aside from its “Silent Killer” moniker, it’s slogan “It Whispers….so Listen” can be heard ’round the world. As a survivor myself and ribbon wearer in memory of my friends & family that were not so fortunate, please take a moment to mark your calender, note the ribbon color, learn the warning signs and stay ‘abreast’ (camon, i HAD to) of the latest screening updates for either yourself, your family, your friends or even just some random woman you want to pay-it-forward to.  The life you save may be your own…..(yes, i know…but im sure Mr. O’Conner wouldnt mind if I ‘borrowed’ that one since I’m giving him credit for it)
Why Ovarian Cancer is most often referred to as the “Silent Killer”?

In a nutshell, when detected and treated early, Ovarian Cancer has a 95% survival rate but when its not, as is most often the case, it drops DRASTICALLY to less that 21%. This is also why despite it being #9 out of the top 10 common cancers, its the #3 killer in womens cancers. In 2009, approx. 21,550 new cases ovarian cancer were diagnosed and of that 14,600 were ovarian cancer deaths. Thats way over HALF!!!!!! But wait….there’s more! With more and more women now being properly diagnosed with endometriosis (not just “bad menstrual cramps” & a low pain tolerance), then put on hormones and/or other therapies for pain management and infertility, throw in more ovarian cancer deaths being properly diagnosed proving more of a true family history than past technology would allow, the old adage “only women 55+ are at risk” (1 in 91 to be exact) flies right out the window, being replaced with a new, more shiny and realistic risk ratio of 1 in 12 risk ratio for young women especially; slap-chop & sham-wow not included.

Oh and did I mention unlike Breast Cancer, which is so recognized, or should I say ‘commercialized’, that it you cant buy anything from a tampon to a broom to a football to a condom with out it having a pink ribbon on it, there currently is NO screening, testing or early detection protocol for Ovarian Cancer making early detection luck right up there with winning the lottery. Twice. In the same month.
So….given just the small bit of information you were just practically bitch-slapped with,  it kind-of makes you wonder. Why in the HELL wouldn’t more young/old women or anyone who knows a woman become their OWN wellness & health advocate, forcing others to do the same? I’d like to think (hope) that the answer is NOT because Ovarian Cancer is “ewww-eee” and “like, so not my problem, cause im totally veggie eater & check my boobs like ALL the time” but I think realistically, its more like “WE” (speaking AS an island now)  just truly have no freaking clue about just how silent this killer is and more over how at risk we really are.
Which is the whole reason why I posted this little diddy, ladies & gents. We need more awareness so that some day soon the pink ribbons that blanket America will be commercially rivaled by teal ones and that Breast Cancer can share the spotlight with its just as deadly sister, Ovarian Cancer.
Helpful places to start: (This one kinda speaks for itself) (The Gilda Radner Family Registry for Ovarian Cancer) (Ovarian Cancer National Alliance) (National Ovarian Cancer Coalition)
Ovarian Cancer Awareness Cause on FACEBOOK! (Join the group & support the cause!)
And just one of several amazing stories of young women, like me, who stepped up to the OvaCa Plate & fought back:

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