TTMYGH #1 – Technology

Have you ever noticed with all of the incredible advancements through innovative technology since the 1900’s…..such as the telephone, the electric light, the pasteurization process, and electrical motors yet NOTHING in the way of toilet bowls since its last & final revamp in 1880?  And what about toilet paper? Aside from the moist texture of the baby wipe, no advancements there either. Not that I’m not a fan of the current supplies, but you have to admit….it’s a Thing That Makes You Go Hmmmm. Hence my term #TTMYGH. 

Where’s the 3 Sea Shells they had in Demolition Man already? They sure made them seem like a sign o’ the times in the peaceful community of San Angeles in 2032. In fact, so cool that plain old T.P. was scoffed at. But those 3 sea shells…how do you actually use those again? (Click the pic to the right to solve the mystery of the 3 Sea Shells of Demolition Man.

Wait, wait,……you WHAT?!? Uhhhh, nevermind….I’m cool. I’ll stick with the current white porcelain bowl, charmin ultra soft and å baby wipe chaser for sure.

*  perfizample *

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