Moving SUCKS

Seriously, it does. Ask anyone who has ever moved, helped to move, or even witnessed a move and the answer will almost always be the same. “Hey, uh…can you maybe help me, um, move next week?” is probably one of the only questions you hesitate to ask just as much as your friends hesitate to answer.   I mean, think about it. In an effort to make it more enticing, we try to jazz it up as if it’s going to magically conceal the fact that we’re really just looking for someone to share our pain. Misery loves company…especially when there’s beer and pizza involved. Even your ‘SITC’ crew members aren’t safe from this age-old lure, although more drastic measures are taken, like calling it a “Wine & Gossip Packing Party!” complete with french themed evite. Ooh La La. Me, personally, I rate moving and all of its pre & post details right up there with a root canal or colonoscopy. It’s necessary, hurts at times and generally is almost always a pain in the ass. Bottom line is (in case you couldnt tell) I HATE it. Yet it’s seems be the one thing I cant stop doing repeatedly…on average at least every 14 months, despite the city or state I am living in. It’s annoying, expensive, painstaking and in my case, never ending. I long for the days of when I’m in one spot, one address for more than 2 years. Ideally I’d like 5+, I wish for permanently, but prefer not to get to hasty since in the past 12 yrs I’ve moved 17 times. Yea….told ya. Alas, until that glorious day comes I’ll keep my chin up, fridge stocked with beer, have domino’s on speed dial and enough tape to singlehandedly keep Scotch in business but I think I’m all set on the boxes…..



3 responses to Moving SUCKS

  1. Anonymous says:

    i sympathize with you in your feelings on moving. i'd be there but daddy's moving company is just a couple of miles tooooooo far east.

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