Man I love that word…
Excuse me?
Beg your pardon? What did you just say?
It is too a word. In fact its a word so amazing that why ol’ Merriam&Webster haven’t picked it up yet is not only shocking but quite sad. Especially when you think of all the other nonsense words that they’ve let through their leather bound gates. (i.e. “ain’t” – i mean really M & W!…real-ly?!?)
But I digress…..
Perfizample is a word that I coined; neither realizing i’d done so at the time let alone the huge impact it would have. (Believe you me, its HUGE) Just as exciting is how it came to fruition.
I apparently have one of the following: A) a large tongue (although no lisp & no issues with words that start with ‘s’) – B) a small tick that makes it virtually impossible for me to say 2 words that combined, equal 5 syllables total – or C) im just lazy. Now given I prefer to think of myself as a highly motivated individual let alone one that can actually properly articulate when speaking….i’ll go with option A.
It was pointed out to me by a friend of several years that I CANNOT, under any normal circumstances, say “Perfect Example” properly. Given its a phrase I say quite often, this is an issue. No matter how many times I try, I cant do it. I have the ability to say every other word or sound before or after, clear as a bell, with my diction being something of an english teacher’s wet dream yet when I try to say “Per-Fect Ex-am-Ple”, it always comes out as “PERFIZAMPLE”.
I’ve made several attempts to correct this matter; I measured the size of my tongue, researched to find the root of the problem and even created several scientific principles as to rectify this issue but alas, all to no avail. It was when it was pointed out to me for the kabillionth time (also a word M & W should look into representing…just sayin) that I decided to embrace my little handicap for all its worth.
And embrace I have…..we go to lunch once a week, catch up on our life’s latests, reminisce about all the times we’ve been with each other in the same akward “per-fect ex-am-ple” situation and never knew it, and at the end of every month, try to have a movie night. Which reminds me it’s my turn to pick the film.
Oh, and its also the name of my personal blog / etsy shop / alter ego / etc.
So, there you have it. The Perfizample story – standing there, naked, in all its glory…complete with the mystery solved coloring book. (Sold seperately of course) Feel free to use it whenever, wherever, with whomever you’d like. Now it may seem like I’m pimping but I swear im not. Perfi has always wanted to be “popular” and by sharing, you’ll make both of our dreams come true.


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